Nordic CID 2013

Just on time for the Valentines Day the nordic people on campus prepared a unique CID with scenes (how hot can a Finish sauna be?), performances and activities (did you ever carry your wife/husband around on your back?), presenting their extraordinary culture to the excited community.

As organized as the nordic folks are, the CID started at exactly 8pm and not surprisingly the Mercator Common Room was crowded with people by then.

Before we were told anything at all, we were confronted with what people at Jacobs already knew (or not knew)… have a look:

So apart from people being blond and tall and climate being cold, there is not too much to know about the far north, right?

Well, we were proved wrong! In the course of the next two hours everyone present learnt a lot about inter-nordic jokes, what it means to be really polite and modest, the history of the hole in Danish coins, that the highest point in Denmark is 170m and also which of the nordic countries is most worth visiting - all of them!

As the presentation ended and the crowds were rushing down to the servery, a delicious buffet of self-made sweet and salty pastry, deserts, juice and Danish beer was already waiting to be consumed. From all around you could hear people struggling with exotic names like flatbrød, asking "What is this?" and "What is that?".

After all, we are very happy with this successful event, we hope that everybody enjoyed it and knows a bit more about Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland.

A big thank you to Aila, Bård, Celine, Maria, Marie, Robin and Wiebke for organizing this special event.