When you read about Jacobs University and the residential colleges, you might ask yourself what life is like in such a college and whether there is a difference between the four. Over time each college has developed its own identity and character and the people living there contribute actively to the spirit of their college.

Our life here in Mercator is like in a little community with its own identity and character. Many students are socially involved and participate actively in the administration and organization of the college in order to make our lives here as colourful and diverse as possible.

niky-vikyOur College Masters play a very important role to keep our college running. Niky and Vikram Unnithan live here in Mercator in the apartment on 4th floor. They make the most important decisions, especially concerning finances, and they usually have the last word when new events or changes are introduced. But they are also always there for the Mercatorians to let them back into their rooms if they locked themselves out or to simply be there with advice if there are problems.

Of course the College Masters cannot be present 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and for that reason two more families are living here, the so-called Resident Associates. They substitute the college masters if they are absent and play a similar role in our lives. Our RAs initiate and participate in a variety of events like baking or handicraft evenings. The Resident Associates also take care of our security at night by walking through the college and closing all open doors and windows.

The Resident Associates and the College Masters would not be able to run the college without Samuel Johnson, the manager of our College Office. One could say that he is their executive in a way. He does most of the day-to-day administrative work by helping students with formal documents, or simply providing them with light bulbs or paper. He has a team of 6 student assistants to help and support him with that.

The College Office Team also plays the most important role when it comes to events. They organize cheer-up coffees during midterms and final times, Country Information Days, Spirit Days and many more events which have already become a tradition in the identity of Mercator College.

royAlong with to the College Office Team in the student administration of the college are the Floor Representatives who are not only the vacuum-cleaner holders, but also representatives for the administration on every floor as well as conflict mediators between students living on the floor. They also arrange special events for the students living on their floors such as movie nights and floor decoration contests.

Overall one can say that the College Masters, the Resident Associates, the College Office Team and the Floor Representatives all closely cooperate and communicate a lot with each other. They work closely together to better administrate the college and its inhabitants. At the general meetings every two weeks all governing bodies of the college participate and get involved in the decision making process.

In addition to all that, Mercator College has, as each of the other colleges, 3 representatives for the student government. Every student in Mercator is eligible to become a parliament representative and all Mercatorians have the right to vote in the elections. The students elected represent Mercator and its interests in the Jacobs University student parliament where decisions concerning our whole student body are made.

abhinavOverall one can say that the students living in Mercator College are socially very engaged and contribute to many activities and events in the college, even if they are not directly involved in the governing bodies.

Almost all students in Mercator feel connectedness and solidarity with this college and consider themselves a part of a community with its own identity and spirit. We cheer for our team in soccer or basketball competitions and we were the college with the highest participation in the Jacobs University Olympics. The spirit is constantly growing in our college and everyone contributes to and feels part of it.

Feel free to explore the pages in the "People" section of our website to learn more about all those interesting Mercatorians...

(written by Saskia Dewitz)


Mercator Award 2012-13

As you probably know, in 2008 the Mercator Foundation provided a very handsome endowment to create an annual award for two exceptional undergraduate students resident in Mercator College. The prize is to be awarded annually to one 2nd year and one 3rd year undergraduate student for their excellence in academics, cultural and social involvement at college and university level.

As Chair of the Mercator Award Committee, it is our pleasure and honour to announce the two recipients of this award for 2012-2013.

For 2012-13, the Mercator Award for the 2nd year undergraduate student resident in Mercator College goes to:

*Gabriela Ponce*

The Mercator Award 2012-13 for the 3rd year undergraduate student goes to:

*Robin Wanjiru Njenga*

On behalf of the Mercator Award Committee, we congratulate the winners and wish them well for their future careers.

Nicole Unnithan-Brauch & Vikram Unnithan
Chair: Mercator Award Committee 2012-13


Mercator Faces is a tradition which dates back to the creating of the first Mercator Web site. It began as "Mercatorian of the Month" and its aim is give you an opportunity to learn more about the life of Mercatorians and Jacobs University students in general. Being part of one of the most international and diverse universities in Europe and in the world, Mercator College is home to students of over 50 countries. This diversity accounts for its unique colorful social life and atmosphere, of which we are hoping to give you a better idea. There will be a new Mercator Face every month of the academic year. We hope these short stories will give you a better idea of life in Mercator College and its inhabitants.

The college office is the administration of the College, engaged in planning and executing college events and projects with the students for the students. It supports the college masters, resident associates, student government members and floor representatives in performing their respective tasks. The college office provides a wide range of services ranging from printing services to handing out spare light bulbs, fixing vacuum cleaners and many others.

The activities of the office are not only aimed at creating a conducive social atmosphere in the college but also at managing the day to day business of the college, offering material and social support to students in better realizing their academic goals.

The office manager and the team of student assistants take initiative and execute diverse projects and events which are discussed with and approved by the college masters in regular team meetings.

The college office deals directly with other departments of the university as and when necessary to address issues of corporate communication, facility concerns, admission, finances and accounting, campus jobs and office team management concerns, issues of campus activities and college coordination and also issues of coordinating and realizing college specific and also university wide social events.

The college office team comprises of the college office manager and a total of six student assistants. As of Spring 2014, the college office team comprises of Andreea (Romania), Gesa (Germany), Mihai (Romania), Lebriz (Turkey), Dilantha (Sri Lanka) and Françoise (Ecuador); in the order of the picture above.

Contact the current team

For more information about the current and past members of the college office team see the articles below.


For the team of Fall 2012, click here.

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(written by Samuel Johnson)

As of September 2013, the Mercator Council consists of:

Click on the pictures for more info on each council members.

Yohana   Leonie   Gabi
Yohana Tesfamariam   Leonie Reese   Gaby Ponce


The Mercator College Government has been in existence since the ratification of the Jacobs University Undergraduate Student Body Constitution in February 2003. After the amendment of the constitution at the end of 2003, the present Mercator Council consists of 3 undergraduate Mercatorians, chosen through popular election by all Mercatorians. They meet with the parliament members of the other two colleges and the secretariat in the weekly Student Parliament meetings.

Our current Parliament

The parliament is the official voice of the students in dealing with the administration, the College Masters, or any other body inside or outside of Jacobs University. Furthermore, they are responsible for deciding on the allocation of the student parliament budget, which is in control of the students as every student contributes 30 Euro a year to it.

They are responsible for representing the interests of all Mercatorians, and everyone is encouraged to participate in student governance by either approaching their representatives when issues arise, coming to the meetings (all of which are announced in advance and open to everyone), or by simply reading the minutes of the parliament, which can be found on the Student Government webpage.

The organization of the parliament is handled by the President, General Director and two secretaries. Any questions about parliamentary procedures should be directed to the secretariat at

You can check the archive with the former Mercatorian representatives here.

For further information on the student government, you are welcome to visit the website of the student government.

By the way: One of our former College Council members, Courtney Adams, was the president of the USG in 2012/2013.